Before filing a civil lawsuit, you need to know:

Does the defendant have enough assets to make the lawsuit worthwhile?

RYDAN can answer that question. RYDAN conducts swift, thorough asset searches, looking for real property, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, business interests and securities.

RYDAN uncovers liabilities, too, to help answer the question: to sue or not to sue?


You’ve just filed a lawsuit on behalf of a client. Or you’re defending a client who was just hit with a lawsuit.

Either way, RYDAN is an invaluable ally during the discovery phase.

RYDAN identifies and interviews witnesses, and investigates the adversary’s witnesses to determine their credibility. RYDAN also conducts in-depth investigations to uncover new evidence.

EVIDENCE RESOUCES(Holding and Witness Finding)

You have evidence. RYDAN has a secure evidence-holding facility to make sure the evidence is held safely.

RYDAN’s access-controlled facility is a neutral location where attorneys for both sides can examine the evidence without contaminating it. RYDAN monitors the facility 24/7 and records every visitor entry.