Secure Your Corporate Identity


You spent considerable time and energy crafting a desirable product and brand. But counterfeit products or theft can undermine the brand and distort your company’s image.

RYDAN has many years’ experience identifying counterfeiters as well as internal and external thieves, then determining their modus operandi and shuttering their operations.


The candidate for a position at your company has an impressive resume and charming manners. How do you know the candidate is not hiding anything?

RYDAN’s investigators uncover inconsistencies and omissions. They operate globally, searching through public records, conducting discreet interviews of relatives and colleagues, and analyzing information found in robust databases.


You have evidence. RYDAN has a secure evidence-holding facility to make sure the evidence is held safely.

RYDAN’s access-controlled facility is a neutral location where attorneys for both sides can examine the evidence without contaminating it. RYDAN monitors the facility 24/7 and records every visitor entry.