In Defense of People and Property


RYDAN specializes in providing expert, round-the-clock executive protection – including risk assessments, armed bodyguards and secure transportation – on a fulltime basis or for specific trips or events.

But RYDAN’s services for individuals do not end with executive protection. RYDAN also shields people and property from fraudsters and interlopers by performing discreet background checks and pre-employment screenings, to ensure that prospective employees, friends and significant others are exactly who they claim to be.

When an individual suspects a spouse of infidelity or other nefarious activities, RYDAN’s surveillance teams offer 24/7 monitoring; they provide video and photographic evidence of the spouse’s activities. RYDAN’s e-discovery team searches laptops and phones and captures web browsing, emailing and texting history.

For an individual who is dissolving a marriage, RYDAN specializes in asset searches, to identify any property or assets the opposing party might be trying to hide. RYDAN’s investigators search across the U.S., and beyond if necessary, to uncover real property, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, business interests, securities and other assets.

If a loved one goes missing, RYDAN immediately mobilizes a team of investigators around the world combine email retrieval and review, surveillance, undercover investigation, interviews and analysis of information found in exclusive databases to find the missing person.

RYDAN’s invaluable services help people prevent and respond to life’s troubles.