Surprises are never welcome when you are forming a business partnership or investing in real estate. That’s when you want to know upfront all relevant information about the other parties involved.

RYDAN eliminates the unexpected by conducting swift yet thorough background investigations, including litigation searches, analysis of professional history and interviews of partners.


The challenge of safeguarding an investment as significant as real estate can be daunting.

RYDAN can help in two ways:

performing in-depth security assessments to determine your areas of vulnerability, and helping you eliminate the vulnerabilities through access controls, surveillance cameras and security personnel.


Your relationship with tenants is like other long-term relationships:

Manage it well, and all the parties benefit. Mismanage it, and it causes all kinds of grief.

RYDAN helps you avoid the grief, with pre-tenant screenings and credit checks to ensure only qualified tenants enter, and in-depth investigations if you suspect tenants have violatedtheir lease.